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    Development History

    In 2014, the project " stone art gallery " of Kangli was launched to build a world-renowned palace of stone art together with global top stone brand Antolini and Hong Kong top designer Patrick Leung.

    In 2013, Kangli invested RMB 3.8 billion in building Kangli Stone Industrial Park in Yuncheng District, Yunfu City with a view to guiding the transformation and upgrading of stone industry.

    In 2012 ,Xiamen Kangli Finance Plaza went into operation as part of Kangli's efforts to explore the new trend of stones and create an innovative stone operation mode

    In 2012, Kangli proposed to invest 3.8 billion yuan in building Kangli Stone Industry Park in Yuncheng District, Yunfu, pioneering the transformation and upgrading of the stone industry

    In 2012, Kangli Tianjin base was built and came on stream, becoming our major strategic base in the north market

    In 2011, At the China Xiamen International Stone Fair, Kangli gave a real show of stone application, causing a sensation in the industry

    In 2010 ,The marble plant of Kangli Shuitou was built and came on stream

    In 2006, Kangli Shuitou Stone Art Showroom was built up, setting a precedent in stone showroom construction

    In 2006 ,Kangli Huidong base was built and came on stream

    In 2005 ,Kangli Mining Co., Ltd. was established, marking Kangli has begun to construct the system of quality stone supply assurance at the source

    In 2003 ,Kangli supplied stones to Shaanxi's Mausoleum of the Yellow Emperor, Dongguan Administrative Center and Singapore Biopark, consolidating its role as a supplier in the high-end engineering market

    In 2001, Kangli Shuitou base was built and went into operation, marking a milestone in Shuitou's stone development history

    In 1998 ,Kangli Xiamen was founded, marking the establishment of Kangli's system of block trade support to engineering stone supply

    In 1998, Kangli Shenzhen base was built and went into operation, marking Kangli has changed from a material trader into an engineering stone supplier

    In 1997, Kangli Shanghai and Kangli Beijing were established

    In 1989, Kangli was established in Shenzhen and rapidly grew into China's largest trader of imported big stone slabs